Two Workshops for Tuning Up your Internal Systems

Over the last few years I have become more and more interested in, and focussed on, the internal functioning of the self. My main stimulus has been reversing many of my own symptoms, and as my health has improved I have become more and more confident that I am on the right track

I am one of those people who doesn’t look ill, yet has a lot of ongoing issues to cope with. For clarity I will be brief here, but more detailed blog articles will follow in time. 

I recently recognised that much of what I am dealing with fits very well under the Ehlers-Danlos Hypermobility Syndrome banner. This is still pretty new, and I am sure the next few years will bring more science into the mix, but many of my symptoms also match chronic auto-immune symptoms too – and therefore unsurprisingly can be found on any list of chronic stress/anxiety symptoms as well!

Here’s a short overview:

  • Skin problems – itching, slow healing, and something I have just discovered is called Dermatographia, i.e. I can write on my skin with my fingernail and produce wheals, sometimes.
  • Asthma & Allergic Rhinitis – triggered by pollens, poor air quality and chemicals, dairy, alcohol.
  • A (recently much improved) tendency to catch viruses. Viruses often trigger respiratory infections.
  • Several symptoms left over from a period of chronic fatigue (one of the names for which is post-viral-syndrome), mainly fibromyalgia. Brain fog can return if I do not keep up my self-care regimes and mainly improves through radical diet strategies such as not eating any sugar.
  • Anxiety – although I suspect this is the underlying factor it took me a long time to recognise it – I mainly recognised chronic, persistent unwellness of the sort that does not respond well to medication.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (originally diagnosed as diverticulitis).

As you can imagine self-healing has been top of my list for a long time. Feldenkrais began the reversal of my chronically anxious state, but also added to it as it is a tough way to make a living!

Once I made the connection between Feldenkrais and mindfulness the whole self-healing process took off for me. Moshe Feldenkrais knew that talking of mind and body as if they were separable was bad science, and advances in modern tech mean that understanding of the relationship between mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health has become easier to demonstrate. Thus mindfulness has taken off, while clearly actually being a sort of bodymindful process – read any description and it sounds like the beginning of every Awareness Through Movement class ever!

This intense, internal aspect of expanding your self-sensing abilities is thus a great way to improve your ability to move more freely and spontaneously, but also your ability to recognise and respond to your own internal feedback mechanisms when it comes to your mental, emotional and spiritual states as well: 

  • When to rest 
  • when to stimulate yourself with a deep in-breath, or calm yourself with a slow, steady out-breath when sustaining a vibrating tone can bring you into your rest and recuperation state more effectively than mindfulness alone can do
  • When tuning directly into the functioning of your internal system of sphincters and diaphragms can speed up your healing from “flare-ups” of your symptoms
  • What simple breathing processes can bring your whole system into better alignment
  • When refining your whole-self neural mapping can enable you to learn to switch off chronic pain

Here are more details about these workshops. They would work very well as a pair for anyone with health issues, voice issues, pain issues, or an interest in voice and performance. I am now teaching these themes in my online workshops, one benefit of a global pandemic is that is has become even easier to explore the Feldenkrais process at home. Contact me if you would like to know when the next one of these is coming up…

Integrating The Rhythms Of Life:

Harmonising Sphincters & Diaphragms

Synchronise, harmonise and integrate the inner pulsations, oscillations and rippling, fluid connections between your many sphincters and your many diaphragms, and discover how to dance with joy to your inner beat. 

Human beings are not like mechanisms, instead we are a sophisticated system of integrated processes, and we are always adjusting our inner state of being, but not always with a clear  awareness of how to establish a more lasting, deeper-rooted experience of well being. This workshop will provide you with a set of Awareness Through Movement sequences that will–with regular practise–rebuild your core organisation from the inside out. This workshop is central to both my Embodied Voice and BodyMindfulness trainings. It uses some sounds but does not involve any performance elements. If you would like to know more about this aspect of my teaching, you can read a more detail explanation in the attached article from my website, or go to my FaceBook page, Feldenkrais & Embodied Voice with Maggy Burrowes. 

Dynamic Embodiment From Your Core

Embodied self-integration and alignment are part of the process we are all engaged in when we are ready to take charge of developing and maturing ourselves.
This path to self-maturation is what Feldenkrais is all about, and it can be experienced in many ways. 

It can be your path to greater self-awareness

your path to self-healing

your path to more spontaneity and authenticity in your daily being

your path to joy. 

Bio-mechanically this dynamic alignment can be experienced as a lively, responsive interaction between your skeleton, your deepest core muscle systems, and the sensory-fascial web that contains, interconnects, and enlivens your bodily sense of self. 

Emotionally we become more aware of–and more at ease with–the feelings that bubble up from inside, and thus much more able to allow ourselves to just be in the moment, even when experiencing intense sensations. 

Awareness Through Movement allows you to progressively unravel everything you are doing that controls your feelings, and blocks the flow of energy, vitality and pleasure that we could all experience with ease as very young children – although it is important to recognise that, for some of us, this flow had already been stemmed by our experience of our mother’s stresses while we were still in the womb. This workshop is designed to begin the very deep releasing processes from our core musculature that allow us all to regain the ability to experience fully the joy of being alive.

This will be a very practical workshop and you will receive notes and supporting materials to help you maintain the improvements you experience from this immersive Awareness Through Movement experience.

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