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I am very happy and excited to announce that I will be back teaching (rather bijou) live workshops in our excellent local centre for all things alternative health at the top of Hilly Fields, from October onwards.

As numbers will be small for the time being, each workshop will be tailored to those attending, under the general theme of…

Movement is Life!

October 11th &

November 15th

2 – 6pm £60 Booking Essential

…more information about my Awareness Through Movement workshops…

Learning To Liberate Your Potent Self

Would you like to get more done with less effort? 

Would you like to achieve athletic grace without dull, repetitive exercise? 

Would you like to improve your core functioning in a way that benefits your mobility, your strength, your balance, your breathing, your emotional ease, and your posture, in a way that is easy to maintain with gentle, playful, joyful regular practice?

Feldenkrais has something special to offer––something more global, more whole-self, more “organic” than simply offering you looser shoulders, better posture, more mobile hips, a freer neck––although these are all potential benefits, they are just side effects. Many people are familiar with the idea of moving more “ergonomically” but I am pretty confident that most of those people would not associate that word with having any fun. Fun is fundamental to Feldenkrais, because we humans learn best when we are having fun at the same time––you only have to spend time in a room full of happy toddlers to see this in action.

The Potent Self is my favourite of Feldenkrais’ books about his Method. His writings tend to offer a dense mix of  human development and neuroscience––his sense of fun is more recognisable when he is interacting with a room full of people rolling about on the floor. The Potent Self––subtitled A Study Of Spontaneity And Compulsion––is the book that helped me understand why my Feldenkrais training was improving not just my physical health, but also my emotional health, and my ability to feel at ease in social situations. Moshe’s understanding of the relationship between health and our inner sense of “safety” prefigures the work of Dr. Stephen Porges, and as my hyper-vigilance began to recede my enjoyment of life increased exponentially, and that process continues to this day.

By making the connection between personal potency and the vast field of human potential that continuing self development is central to, I am hoping to get some of you Feldenkrais virgins curious enough to come along and try it out. An immersive afternoon is an excellent way to discover what this work has to offer, and those in the know––my regulars––come along whenever they can, whatever the theme of the day, because they know they will leave feeling taller, livelier, lighter on their feet, more coordinated, breathing more fully, and even––surprisingly––stronger. They also know that these changes will last for a while, and some of them even do their “homework” and maintain these improvements for longer still.

For many of us the joy of watching a skilled athlete, dancer, or martial artist is seeing human movement at its most vibrant and graceful. Athletic movement is beautiful precisely because of its economy, efficiency, natural elegance and its distinct humanity. We look at the fluid grace of these masters of movement and imagine that this level of ease is beyond us, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, athletic power takes work, but when we do not waste our energy in inefficient self-use and poorly coordinated action then grace, fluidity and intrinsic strength emerge spontaneously. Of course it takes attention and practice to change the way we do what we do, what it doesn’t take is more hard work; in fact just the opposite, as soon as you start to bring Awareness Through Movement into your life you will begin achieving more with less effort on a daily basis.

These workshops will features a huge variety of Awareness Through Movement lessons, and notes will be provided with practical suggestions for ways to continue to build on the improvement you will experience in all your daily activities. 

These workshops will draw on a huge variety of Awareness Through Movement lessons, and notes will be provided afterwards, with practical suggestions for ways to continue to build on the improvement you will experience in all your daily activities. 

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