Telegraph Hill Centre – Live Classes Resume

…new daytime (socially-distanced) live class

Feldenkrais Movement Is Life!

at The Telegraph Hill Centre, in brand new…

Studio 2 

St Catherine’s Church, Kitto Road, SE14

2 – 3.30 pm on Tuesday afternoons

£15 per Class, with free access to one online class per week

The slogan “Movement Is Life! is very popular – here’s is one of my inspirations for the name of this class:”Movement is all important. From cardiovascular health, bone density, joint functioning to central nervous system optimisation. For the health of each and every cell in your organism, to your mental wellbeing and overall happiness. Movement is life. And life is movement!
Rodolfo R. Llinás, MD, PhD
But the phrase was a favourite with Moshe Feldenkrais as well – I wrote a blog post about it – click here to read it.

General information:

I now have enough mats and head rests so that you do not need to bring your own, however in our current situation I would prefer you bring along a clean sheet or towel to lay over your mat and any headrests you might use, until the ongoing covid-19 precautions become unnecessary.

Do bring anything else you need to make sure you are comfortable on the floor – some people like to bring an extra-soft pillow or a blanket with them. The space is lovely, with big windows but also well-supplied with radiators; as the class is now in the daytime we should not have any heating issues, nevertheless it may be worth bringing a couple of layers with you if you are the sort of person who gets chilly when they relax. Heating Update – we are transitioning into Autumn and that can make the temperature unpredictable, so extra layers are recommended until the Centre is busier and our space can benefit from the heating system throughout the whole building.

Information about all my Online classes and workshops is posted here.

Contact me if you are interested in joining any of these sessions.

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