Move Better, Feel Better 2021 – I am kicking off 24 hours of live Awareness Through Movement!

As you may remember from last year when we were all a bit overwhelmed by the first lockdown, the Move Better, Feel Better: Feldenkrais Awareness Summit comes along at the beginning of May and gives us all a good reason to stay indoors for ten whole days – of course this year most of us will be itching to get out and about, but there will still be many, many excellent presentations and discussions to enjoy, and for those of us in the UK this all happens a little later in the day when the sun is already beginning to sink in the West.

I am delighted to announce that this year I will be teaching live. On May 1st, there will be, for the FIRST TIME EVER, an extraordinary event:  Around the World, Around the Clock Awareness Through Movement®. It’s crazy, but there you go – I am teaching the very first class, at 1pm UK time, and it will be a lovely gentle start to what may be the first ever online ATM marathon!
As good as that is, the summit is more than that. With over 31 speakers, it’s a fabulous deep dive into everything that Feldenkrais is about – not just better movement but much more importantly, how moving with mindful awareness can lead to feeling better on a daily basis and discovering how to have a better, more satisfying life.

The live summit is free, and runs from May 1st through May 10th and I have absolute confident you will find it both fascinating and beneficial.
So, register today, claim your FREE spot, and join me for my lesson on Zoom. And if you can’t join me that day, then of course it will be available as a replay throughout the summit


After the outrageous kick-off on on May 1st, the summit continues through May 10th, featuring daily themes with expert speakers and live panel discussions. Pick the talks you’re most interested in. I am confident you will learn much about Feldenkrais that is inspiring and life-enhancing.
Join us and discover new ways to move better and feel better. If you have questions about the actual event, please email support@futurelifenow. Otherwise, I plan to see YOU at the summit!
Very best wishes,

P.S. The above is an affiliate link. While you will attend the summit at no cost, some people may upgrade to have recordings after the summit is over. In that case, I may receive a commission for referring you.

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