Anyday now I will be uploading articles on various aspects of self-healing and self-development as support resources for anyone either already working with me, or thinking about working with me – in the meantime, here is my YouTube Awareness Through Movement playlist, to give you something to be going on with!

Feldenkrais Resources For Musicians

We are a group of Feldenkrais Practitioners who have a specific interest in working with musicians. All Feldenkrais Practitioners, as movement educators, possess the necessary skills to help musicians to improve their body use. We comprise performers and music educators who work with all ages. We are a resource for musicians who would like to explore the method and also other practitioners who have clients with specific needs and need advice. We are also actively raising the profile of the Feldenkrais Method.

Find a practitioner where you are – Feldenkrais Guild UK

To search for a practitioner in your area please go to the UK Feldenkrais Guild website.

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