Feldenkrais Self-Healing Class SE14

Quintessensual Consciousness

Monday Evening Classes:

October 7th and 21st 7-815 pm

£15 – booking essential

Using the Feldenkrais Method to enhance our awareness of all our wonderful human senses…

…the original five exteroceptive senses, plus the kinaesthetic, proprioceptive, interoceptive, and neuroceptive*

– hence “quintessensual”!

Meditation is a form of self-development, as is Feldenkrais, and many aspects of these two practises overlap and enhance each other.

For those of us with chronic pains, muscular tensions, stresses, anxieties, sleep problems, chronic respiratory issues, or who are simply feel blocked by their own habits of thought and behaviour, the more meditative aspects of The Feldenkrais Method can be the most effective way to create long lasting changes that steadily improve our sense of physical and mental well-being. Anyone keeping up with the science will be aware that relying on medication is not the best answer in the long term.

Our themes will be:

Learn to expand your focus of attention – both externally and internally
Meditative movement – Feldenkrais as “mindfulness centred on the body”
Self-quieting – using the nervous system to calm the nervous system – drawing on breath, toning and enhancing our listening abilities
Sitting With Ease – many forms emphasise the importance of sitting upright to increase the benefits of regular meditation practice. Learning to sit with lightness, balance and poise, so that you can meditate in comfort for longer, will be a key part of this class
Becoming your own neuro-feedback device
– the current emphasis on expensive gadgets for enhancing our nervous system’s ability to self-monitor and self-regulate is outsourcing abilities we all have the potential to access naturally and directly through our own senses. The advantage of
learning to enhance your natural sense-abilities in this way is that you begin to feel better straight away, long before you have actually mastered the skills you are practising.

*Neuroception overlaps with interoception and could easily be defined as one aspect of it. Porges intends to highlight this aspect of our internal self-sensing abilities to improve our understanding of the role of social engagement in the healthy functioning of the mammalian nervous system.

My intention with this class is to develop this process into an effective practice, with the advantage of being performable anywhere, in any position, for any available length of time. You will be learning to enhance:
your sensory awareness
your muscular awareness
your skeletal awareness
your interoceptive awareness, and…
your ability to focus your attention simultaneously on both your internal and external awareness.

This class will enhance the aspects of Feldenkrais that overlap with self-hypnosis / auto-suggestion, with meditation, and with the internal alignment necessary for chi and chakra work – it will also be good fun!

I have a lot of material to share, and unlike a classic Feldenkrais class we will be developing themes for a daily practice, however one with all the flexibilities of the Feldenkrais process built in – ideal if you find meditating difficult; nourishing and stimulating if you find meditating easy.
I have a lot more to say, but am attempting brevity!

Please do let me know if you are interested, even if you cannot make all the dates.

Also please note that we will be sitting for most of the time.


I have been gathering the material for this course for a long time, and there’s a lot of science and overlaps with other teachers out there included in my thinking. I will be sharing all of this as part of the class, but I am also posting a lot of links––mainly articles and YouTube lectures, but also book recommendations––up on my FaceBook page. Do go and have a look if you are curious about the course, it will give you an idea of the kind of material I will be covering.


Regular Feldenkrais Classes

Awareness Through Movement in the Crow’s Nest

We meet weekly on Thursday evenings at The Telegraph Hill Centre,

Studio 3 – The Hub,  Kitto Road,   SE14 5TY

Class Times – 7pm to 8pm:

We meet at 6.50pm in the Centre foyer, and ascend the stairs as a group – the room is at the very top of the building, so there are 45 stairs to climb – the view is amazing!

UPDATE – the centre is organising a system that will enable any latecomers to buzz in at the back door – I propose that once it is installed we continue to meet at 6.50pm and that anyone running late lets me know, so we know to expect you and can leave the buzzer on.

Fee per class £12 – to be paid in advance.

Payment will be in advance at the beginning of each month.

You will need to book a minimum of two classes, on the understanding that priority will be given to attendees prepared to commit to coming every week.

The benefits of this learning process are cumulative, so committed attendance is the best way to produce consistent improvement. Nevertheless I do understand that committing to pay for a class even if you then cannot attend can feel like a big step, so…

All committed members of the class are entitled to individual Feldenkrais sessions at £35, plus an extra £5 off–per session–to compensate for any class you have to miss. I am also starting up a local Feldenkrais meditation class, and once this is established you may be able to swap to one of these classes, if there is space available. Regular class members also qualify for concession rates for my workshops at The Sunflower Centre.

General details:

I now have enough mats and head rests that you do not need to bring your own unless you want to, however do bring anything else you need to make sure you are comfortable on the floor – the head rests are rather firm, so some people like to bring a softer pillow and/or a blanket (which can be folded) with them. It is useful to know if you would like to reserve a mat, so do let me know. The room is well supplied with radiators – so far we have not had any heating issues.

Please Note I will no longer be teaching classes at the venue in N1.

Please get in touch if you are interested in regular classes and SE14 is not convenient, as I am planning to begin teaching courses online in autumn 2019…

The Sunflower Centre

Hilly Fields, SE4

Regular monthly workshops:

Sundays,  2-6pm,  £60/£50

November 17th

January 26th

February 23rd

March 29th

April 26th

Would you like to get more done with less effort?

Would you like to achieve athletic grace without dull, repetitive exercise?

Would you like to improve your core functioning in a way that benefits your mobility, your strength, your balance, your breathing, your emotional ease, and your posture, in a way that is easy to maintain with gentle, playful, joyful regular practice?

Feldenkrais has something special to offer––something more global, more whole-self, more “organic” than simply offering you looser shoulders, better posture, more mobile hips, a freer neck––although these are all potential benefits, they are just side effects. Many people are familiar with the idea of moving more “ergonomically” but I am pretty confident that most of those people would not associate that word with having any fun. Fun is fundamental to Feldenkrais, because we humans learn best when we are having fun at the same time––you only have to spend time in a room full of happy toddlers to see this in action.

The Potent Self is my favourite of Feldenkrais’ books about his Method. His writings tend to offer a dense mix of  human development and neuroscience––his sense of fun is more recognisable when he is interacting with a room full of people rolling about on the floor. The Potent Self––subtitled A Study Of Spontaneity And Compulsion––is the book that helped me understand why my Feldenkrais training was improving not just my physical health, but also my emotional health, and my ability to feel at ease in social situations. Moshe’s understanding of the relationship between health and our inner sense of “safety” prefigures the work of Dr. Stephen Porges, and as my hyper-vigilance began to recede my enjoyment of life increased exponentially, and that process continues to this day.

By making the connection between personal potency and the vast field of human potential that continuing self development is central to, I am hoping to get some of you Feldenkrais virgins curious enough to come along and try it out. An immersive afternoon is an excellent way to discover what this work has to offer, and those in the know––my regulars––come along whenever they can, whatever the theme of the day, because they know they will leave feeling taller, livelier, lighter on their feet, more coordinated, breathing more fully, and even––surprisingly––stronger. They also know that these changes will last for a while, and some of them even do their “homework” and maintain these improvements for longer still.

For many of us the joy of watching a skilled athlete, dancer, or martial artist is seeing human movement at its most vibrant and graceful. Athletic movement is beautiful precisely because of its economy, efficiency, natural elegance and its distinct humanity. We look at the fluid grace of these masters of movement and imagine that this level of ease is beyond us, but nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, athletic power takes work, but when we do not waste our energy in inefficient self-use and poorly coordinated action then grace, fluidity and intrinsic strength emerge spontaneously. Of course it takes attention and practice to change the way we do what we do, what it doesn’t take is more hard work; in fact just the opposite, as soon as you start to bring Awareness Through Movement into your life you will begin achieving more with less effort on a daily basis.

These workshops will features a huge variety of Awareness Through Movement lessons, and notes will be provided with practical suggestions for ways to continue to build on the improvement you will experience in all your daily activities. 

Customised Workshops for Companies & Organisations

I am always happy to design a workshop for a specific purpose – good ergonomic self-use for office workers, good vocal self-use for performance communities, good performance skills for everyone – contact me to discuss what you would like.

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