New Self-Healing Class in SE14

Quintessensual Harmony

July 8th

7 – 8.15pm

£15 (in advance)

a new class combining Feldenkrais and all our wonderful human senses – the original exteroceptive, plus the kinaesthetic, proprioceptive, interceptive and neuroceptive – hence quintessensual!

Meditation is a form of self-development, just like Feldenkrais, and many aspects of these two practises overlap and enhance each other. For those of us with chronic pains, muscular tensions, stresses, anxieties, sleep problems, chronic respiratory issues, or who are simply feel blocked by their own habits of thought and behaviour, the more meditative aspects of The Feldenkrais Method can be the most effective way to create long lasting changes that steadily improve our feelings of physical and mental well-being. Anyone keeping up with the science is aware that relying on medication long-term is not the best answer. Our themes will be:

Learning to expand our focus of attention – both externally and internally
Meditative movements – the body-mindful part of Feldenkrais Awareness practice
Self-quieting – using the nervous system to calm the nervous system – drawing on breath, toning and enhancing our listening abilities
Becoming your own neuro-feedback device – the current emphasis on gadgets for enhancing our nervous systems ability to self-monitor and self-regulate is outsourcing abilities we all have the potential to access naturally and directly through our own extraordinary nervous system – with the advantage that even the attempt to do so will begin to reboot our self-healing abilities, long before we have actually mastered the skills we are practising.

My intention with this class is to develop this process into an effective practice, with the advantage of being performable anywhere, in any position, for any available length of time. You will be learning to expand your sensory awareness, your muscular awareness, your skeletal awareness, your interoceptive awareness and your ability to focus your attention to encompass simultaneous internal and external awareness.

This class will enhance the aspects of Feldenkrais that overlap with self-hypnosis / auto-suggestion, with meditation, and with the internal alignment necessary for chi and chakra work – it will also be good fun!

I plan to start on Monday July 8th, with the intention to run alternate weeks from then onwards. The class will be local to me in SE14,  in a beautiful private venue. We will begin at 7pm, and take a little longer than an hour, probably around 75 minutes, and the price will be £15.

I have a lot of material to share, and unlike a classic Feldenkrais class we will be developing a daily practice, however one with all the flexibilities of the Feldenkrais process built in – ideal if you find meditating difficult, nourishing and stimulating if you find meditating easy.
I have a lot more to say, but am attempting brevity! This page will have more details added over the next few days.

Please do let me know if you are interested, even if you cannot make all the dates. Also please note the class will be small at first, and some classes may take place entirely in sitting.

Regular Classes

Awareness Through Movement in the Crow’s Nest

We meet on Thursday nights on pre-arranged dates (alternate weeks from May onwards), in Studio 3, in the area upstairs known as the Hub.

Telegraph Hill Centre

Studio 3 – The Hub

Kitto Road


SE14 5TY

Class Times – 7pm to 8pm:

We meet at 6.50pm in the Centre foyer, and ascend (45) stairs as a group – the room is at the very top of the building, hence the name of the class – the view is amazing!

UPDATE – the centre is organising a system that will enable any latecomers to buzz in at the back door – I propose that once it is installed we continue to meet at 6.50pm and that anyone running late lets me know, so we know to expect you.

Fee per class £12 – to be paid in advance.

I prefer you to commit to 4 classes – £48, but am also happy to accept payment for 2 classes in advance, as long as you give me plenty of notice if you are leaving the class, so I can find a replacement.

As I do understand that committing to pay for a class even if you cannot attend can feel like a big step I am offering all committed members of the class private Feldenkrais sessions at £30, plus an extra £5 off for every class you miss.

More details:

You need to bring your own mat and head support; bring anything you need to make sure you are comfortable on the floor. The room is well supplied with radiators – so far we have not had heating issues.

Upcoming Dates:





18.7.19 – We can decide what to do in the summer nearer the time.

Please Note classes at Time For… are currently on hold

Wednesday Evening Drop-In Classes

Time For.London

116 Pentonville Road, Angel, Islington, N1

Wednesday Evening Classes

Awareness Through Movement

6.30-7.30pm – £10   Drop-In

This class is designed to develop your internal sensory awareness and stimulate your innate ability to learn and create new possibilities for yourself.  Subtle and playful movement sequences free you from deeply ingrained habits and holding patterns that limit your mobility and rob you of energy.

Embodied Voice

7.45-8.45pm – £10   Drop-In

Awareness Through Movement lessons that combine state-of-the-art vocal science with the neuroscience of learning, to enhance every aspect of voice use, from presenting, to singing, to self-development and transformation.

Pilates and Yoga-style mats provided, classes are on the first floor
Do let me know if you are interested in coming along, and would like to know more:  contact details here…

The Sunflower Centre

Feldenkrais & Your Eyes: Better Vision, Better Balance, Better Poise

Hilly Fields, SE4

Sunday, July 14th, 2-6pm


Alert, mobile, responsive eyes are vital for every aspect of our relationship with our environment…

how we move with ease in any terrain…

how we carry our heads and adjust our sense of equilibrium to maintain our upright posture…

…and how we process all the visual information that we are bombarded with every day.

Even more important than all this is the way our eyes communicate our internal state of being to each other. Thanks to Dr Stephen Porges well-established Poly-Vagal Theory we know our eyes are central to the way we form and maintain our interpersonal relationships from birth onwards. We now have scientific proof that the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul.

Moshe’s eye lessons are quite distinctive, being aimed at improving vision without the need for props, which means you can practise them anywhere, which is particularly useful if you are aiming for long-term improvements in your vision.

Simple techniques combining movement and imagery, regularly performed, can bring both immediate and lasting benefits to our eyesight, our posture, our inner calm and our social ease. This is because our eyes occupy a considerable area of our neuro-body-map, so soothing our eyes calms our whole nervous system, shifting us into a deep state of parasympathetic “rest and recuperation”– the state in which our immune system boots up our natural self-healing process.

The Sunflower Centre

81 Tressillian Road

All workshops 2 – 6pm, £60/£50

Customised Workshops for Companies & Organisations

I am always happy to design a workshop for a specific purpose – good ergonomic self-use for office workers, good vocal self-use for performance communities, good performance skills for everyone – contact me to discuss what you would like.

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