During the ongoing pandemic lockdown measures I am offering all my online teaching at a “Suggested-Fee-Or-Donation” rate, and I will continue to do so for as long as it seems to be helping people. All the rates mentioned below are included in this scheme.

Functional Integration:

Individual Feldenkrais Training Sessions

Each individual Feldenkrais lesson with me is an hour long session that will include an exploratory discussion of the issues you are dealing with – see list below – followed by hands-on training via gentle touch, to enable you to release chronic muscular holding patterns and connect to a more fully conscious sense of self. At the end of the session you will be given “homework” individually tailored to enable your continuing improvement. The benefits of this work develop and increase over time – as with any practice that is genuinely effective – and ideally you would support this tailored learning process with regular classes and workshops. With a commitment to Feldenkrais there is a real possibility of continuous improvement in your ability to move with ease, grace and greater self-awareness throughout your life, whilst also enhancing your ability to learn any new skill you desire.

Individual lessons Online

I am finding that it is possible to give effective and useful one-to-one training online, so do feel free to contact me and we can discuss whether it will work for you. I am now teaching at home again after a long lockdown hiatus, but am enjoying the way working on Zoom enables me to connect with people at a distance, and provide recordings to support ongoing practice.

Venue For Live Individual Lessons

My home studio is in Drakefell Road, SE14

Standard fee:  £70 per session – standard concession rate £55 (no questions asked – this rate is for anyone on a low income).

Booking multiple sessions

Package Rates & Intensive Courses

An individual concession rate can be negotiated for any number of individual lessons taken in any time period, but you may like to take advantage of my ongoing offers (see below) – you can also choose to book a multiple package of lessons as an intensive course of study to be taken in a 7 day period. 

Dr Moshe Feldenkrais preferred to teach people on a daily basis for the first 40 sessions, and I am sure this is one reason for his high success rate with “pupils” with more complex neurological issues such as Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Stroke, and other forms of brain injury. For an intensive course, extra lessons within the 7 day time period can be added at the same fee per lesson as per the appropriate package rate.

Package Rates for Drakefell Studio

Package of 3 lessons in a 30 day period (during normal working hours) – £150

My rates have increased as of February 1st 2020

I also have a gift package available – for £75 you can buy a special one-off de-stressing private session for a friend, and get one free for yourself!

Home Visits

I can do home visits, and my rate is £120, to allow for 2 hours of travel time plus travel costs – I am happy to negotiate a package rate for blocks of lessons within a pre-agreed time period. In order for this to be practical I allow for a longer session, 1.5-2 hours, and provide extra practice suggestions to maintain the benefits of the lesson over time.

Voice & Singing Work: Potent Voice

£60 per lesson – I am happy to discuss special rates for a batch of lessons over a specific period of time. Batches of lessons can include one Sunday Voice workshop (currently online) – example 2 x private lessons, and 1 workshop for £130. All my vocal workshops have shifted online for now, and the special rate applies. Details of these workshops are here.

*I also offer hands-on Vocal Functional Integration lessons at the same rates as my standard hands-on tuition, please see above.

Please note all packages rates are to be paid fully in advance of the final session, in one or two instalmentsI am very happy to negotiate special rates on an individual basis with anyone interested in committing to regular sessions, as everything I have to offer you works better with dedicated involvement and regular commitment, so do not let financial difficulties keep you from discussing your situation with me.

Cancellation Policy

I do not choose to penalise last minute cancellations – 24 hours or less  – however should such a situation occur I do prefer that you rebook your appointment as soon as possible.

Online Sessions via Zoom

I am happy to collaborate with you online. This is easiest with my Feldenkrais Embodied Voice tuition, but can also be adapted to a mainly movement focussed process using Awareness Through Movement. I accept payment via PayPal and hope to have a simple button set-up on this page soon, but in the meantime I can easily send you the link once we have made an arrangement.

My online tuition fee for a one-off session is £60*, plus £3 for processing a payment via PayPal or online banking if you are paying in a foreign currency. If you wish to book a course of lessons online I am happy to negotiate a rate that works for both of us.

*During the ongoing pandemic lockdown measures I am offering all my online teaching at a “Suggested-Fee-Or-Donation” rate, and I will continue to do so for as long as it seems to be helping people. 

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