Welcome to my new website – I am steadily building this workspace into both an information hub and an expanding resource for anyone interested in the potential for Feldenkrais® to change life for the better by embracing their own continual personal development.

I am also taking advantage of this exciting new platform to explain fully the current incarnation of my VocalDynamix / Conscious Voice / Embodied Voice self-development process, under the over-arching banner of The Potent Voice. Questions and feedback are welcome – this is a work in progress, just as we all are!

Still figuring out the layout, so for now, here are my current ongoing classes and workshops…


Crow’s Nest Class at Telegraph Hill Centre

I am now teaching a regular class twice a month right at the top of the Telegraph Hill Centre – I have a few spaces available. This class is for committed attendees and is paid in advance for one or two months at a time.


…upcoming workshops

The Sunflower Centre in Brockley, SE4

All workshops on Sunday afternoons, 2-6pm, £60/£50

Yoga-style mats are available:

Sitting Comfortably On Chairs And Floors

March 24th

Whether at a desk or on the floor, healthy, happy sitting for long periods requires flexibility, mobility and efficient use of your spine, your lower back and your hip joints.  This day will develop greater awareness of your natural balance in sitting, standing and walking and is generally very  useful for the relief of sciatica, and back, neck and shoulder pain.


Stall & Taster Workshop at Joy Tribe Day

April 13th – all day!

Really looking forward to the innovative celebration of all things joyful and tribal at The Telegraph Hill Festival this year – more information will follow very shortly…


Drop-in classes at The Time For Cafe   

116 Pentonville Road, N1 9JB 

Wednesday Evening Classes

Awareness Through Movement

6.30-7.30pm – £10   Drop-In

This class is designed to develop your internal sensory awareness and stimulate your innate ability to learn and create new possibilities for yourself.  Subtle and playful movement sequences free you from deeply ingrained habits and holding patterns that limit your mobility and rob you of energy.

Embodied Voice

7.45-8.45pm – £10   Drop-In

Awareness Through Movement lessons that combine state-of-the-art vocal science with the neuroscience of learning, to enhance every aspect of voice use, from presenting, to singing, to self-development and transformation.

Pilates-style mats are available – classes on first floor

The International Feldenkrais community have been producing some attractive films to promote what is still a not very well known process with enormous benefits to offer…

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