I am continuing to teach my regular classes online so my Online Training page is the one that is updated most often…

(Please note that the regular classes and workshops appear first, and thus this list may not be in a sensible order date-wise!)

Awareness Through Movement Online Classes, on Zoom*

Tuesdays @ Noon

12 pm – 1.00 pm GMT

£10 per class, or any donation welcome

This class is a general class and suitable for all levels of ability – we usually have time for a group chat afterwards for anyone who does not need to dash away. I find that these chats are very valuable for deepening the understanding of what Feldenkrais is all about.

Thursdays @ 6pm

6 pm – 7 pm GMT

This is a very gentle class and thus particularly suitable for anyone with chronic issues with injury, pain, or fatigue.

£10 per class, or any donation welcome

*Regular attendees will receive all recordings and notes even if they miss a class

These are ongoing classes, so the intention is for you to commit to attending on a regular basis: once a week is good, twice a week is better. Feldenkrais is about learning to learn; these are skills that you will develop over time with practice, and the benefits you will experience are also cumulative.

General Information about fees:

Everything I teach online is available for a suggested fee, or a donation of your choosing, which means you do not need to negotiate it with me, although I would prefer to know if you would like to come along but are not able to pay me anything. Whenever I have a price rise my expectation that anyone on a low income will continue to pay what they are able, without worrying about it.

The Feldenkrais Method is unique in design, and of all the versions of personal training that include a physical element, Feldenkrais is most like Tai Chi, where regular practise is good, and the more time you give to the process the more you get back. At some point you become someone who practises Feldenkrais, and at that point the benefits and the pleasures begin to accrue. One reason I am so enjoying teaching on Zoom is the facility to share a recording of the class so you can build up an archive of lessons to explore whenever you wish.

Much of what I write about in my blog is intended to make the pleasures and possibilities of learning how to learn more apparent earlier in the process; here is a recent article on the subject.

You will need to book with me in advance by email. When I hear from you I will send you a secure link to access the broadcast. Once you are on the list you will get the invitation until you cancel, but there is no expectation that you will be able to attend every class.

*Suggested-fee-or-donation rate applies.

Feldenkrais Live at The Telegraph Hill Centre

Awareness Through Movement 

Studio 2, 1st Floor, SE14 [top of Kitto Road]

The afternoon class…

Light & Easy Feldenkrais

Wednesday Drop-In ~ 4pm–5.15pm ~ £12.50/£10 [low income]

Loving the big Studio space at the Telegraph Hill Centre – ideal for Awareness Through Movement classes…

The Wednesday afternoon [4pm-5.15pm] class is ongoing, and highly suitable for all-comers, but with a particular emphasis on subtle, internal sensory-motor work, so ideal for anyone dealing with movement limitations, ongoing injuries, and neurological conditions such as chronic fatigue, and Multiple Sclerosis.

New Saturday Class, combining Awareness Through Movement and Potent Voice…Next Class April 2024


This will be a semi-regular Saturday class giving you the opportunity to explore moving while using your voice in a mindful, playful, joyful way. Feldenkrais is designed to accelerate the learning process, and Potent Voice is designed to enable you to access your breath and voice in a more spontaneous and organic manner. Combining the two allows you to more effectively “embody” the way you express yourself both physically and emotionally, because it will enable you to develop a more immediate and more authentic relationship with all your internal sensory systems – emotional, neurological, musculo-fascial – this means you will also be learning tools that with practice can enable you to access your ability to self-calm when experiencing anxiety and stress.

Online Classes

If you are interested in Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement at a more challenging level then you may be interested in my online classes and workshops – more information here

Here is an example of the recording series I am [slowly!] posting up on YouTube: it will give you a taste of my teaching style, and a fuller understanding of what Feldenkrais is all about…

More about Awareness Through Movement…

Would you like to get more done with less effort? 

Would you like to feel easier inside your own skin? 

Would you like to regain your youthful grace without mind-numbing, repetitive exercises? 

Would you like to improve how you function day to day,

in a way that benefits… 

your mobility

your strength

your balance

your breathing

your emotional health

and your posture

…and that is easy to maintain with gentle, playful, joyful regular practice?

Feldenkrais training has something unique to offer; something more integral, more whole-self, more “organic” than simply helping you achieve… 

looser shoulders

better posture

more mobile hips

a freer neck

better balance

fuller breathing, and much else. 

Although these are all potential benefits, they are just the side effects of improving your all-over sensory-motor self-awareness. 

Many people are familiar with the idea of moving more efficiently – more “ergonomically” – but I am pretty confident that most of us do not associate efficiency with having more fun. 

Fun is fundamental to Feldenkrais, precisely because we humans learn best when we are enjoying ourselves; experimenting, messing around, trying stuff out, coming up with new possibilities to explore ––you only have to spend time in a room full of playful toddlers to see this learning process in action…

Movement is all important. From cardiovascular health, bone density, joint functioning to central nervous system optimisation. For the health of each and every cell in your organism, to your mental wellbeing and overall happiness. Movement is life. And life is movement!
Rodolfo R. Llinás, MD, PhD

…and “Movement is Life” was a big favourite with Moshe Feldenkrais as well – I wrote a blog post about it

The room is spacious so for the moment I am happy for people to drop-in. Feel free to contact me with any of your questions

Live classes, extra info: currently I have enough mats, blankets, and head rests so that you do not need to bring your own, however you are welcome to do so, and do feel free to bring anything else you might need to make sure you are comfortable on the floor – for instance some people like to bring an extra-soft pillow or a particular blanket with them.

The space is spacious, with big windows, so although it is well-supplied with radiators and we have access to extra heating nevertheless it may be wise to bring a couple of extra layers with you if you tend to get chilly when you relax. This is more relevant to the ultra-gentle daytime class, as the evening class will be livelier and you will be more likely to get warmed up!

Potent Inner Voice On Zoom

You can find all the details about my voice and performance teaching in the Potent Voice section.

Your Potent Inner Voice

Self-Awareness & Self-Hypnosis for Self-Healing

Wednesday evenings  

7 pm – 8.30 pm GMT

2 pm – 3.30 pm EST

Online + Recording
£15 (suggested fee, or any donation welcome)

These extended evening classes focus on my Feldenkrais-based self-healing strategies, and the recordings are intended to make it very easy for you to develop these skills for yourself. I am exploring the evening format with the intention of supporting better sleep as well as pain relief and self-calming.

One seldom-discussed aspect of the potency of the voice is the influential presence of an internal voice, constantly commentating on our lives. The voice inside our own heads can be an ally or an enemy; for a while now I have been discovering how to train my inner voice to be a better ally in my on-going project of self-healing. Here is an introduction to the process, from an article on my website:

“Self-Hypnosis – also known as Autogenic Training – has been around for a long time. I first came across it back in the Eighties, in a book called Superlearning. This was at right at the beginning of my interest in meditation, and practising the autogenic sequences from the book were the closest I came to achieving the deeper states of inner calm that are reportedly the most effective brain wave frequencies for healing chronic conditions.

Thus, when a bout of chronic fatigue left me with fibromyalgic pain that did not easily respond to the mindful movements that had helped me free myself of sciatica in the past, my investigations brought me full circle, and this time I made a connection I had somehow failed to make before. I remembered that Moshe Feldenkrais was also interested in self-hypnosis at a similar age, except that – being the over-achiever he was – he translated a significant book on the subject into Hebrew, and boldly added his own thoughts in a 26 page commentary.

The book was The Practice Of Autosuggestion by the Method of Émile Coué (1929), and Moshe’s original contribution has recently been published as Thinking and Doing, A monograph by Moshe Feldenkrais. He retained his enthusiasm for these concepts throughout his life, attempting to republish his translation in 1977, and using the techniques he still valued to speed his recovery after his stroke.

Article continues here…

This workshop will be ideal for anyone seeking to improve their own health and wellbeing, and the health and wellbeing of others.

Customised Workshops for Companies & Organisations

I am always happy to design a workshop for a specific purpose – good ergonomic self-use for office workers, good vocal self-use for performance communities, good performance skills for everyone – contact me to discuss what you would like.

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