All of the subjects I teach are available online.

I am using Zoom, which means that a recording of your lesson is included in the fee, and is yours to keep.

*All group class fees are ‘suggested-rate-or-any-donation-welcome’

All booking is via direct contact with me, by email or call – all my contact details are here.

Please note that a brief description of all my regular classes appears here first, and thus this list may not be in a sensible order, date-wise! 

You will find more detailed descriptions of all my regular online classes on this page.

Awareness Through Movement Online Classes on Zoom*

Tuesdays @ Noon

12 pm – 1.30 pm BST

£15 per class, or any donation welcome

This class is a general class and suitable for all levels of ability – we usually have time for a group chat afterwards for anyone who does not need to dash away. I find that these chats are very valuable for deepening the understanding of what Feldenkrais is all about.

Thursdays @ 6pm

6 pm – 7 pm BST

This is a very gentle class and particularly suitable for anyone with chronic issues with injury, pain, or fatigue.

£10 per class, or any donation welcome

*Regular attendees will receive all recordings and notes even if they miss a class

These are ongoing classes, so the intention is for you to commit to attending on a regular basis: once a week is good, twice a week is better. Feldenkrais is about learning to learn; these are skills that you will develop over time with practice, and the benefits you will experience are also cumulative.

One reason I am so enjoying teaching on Zoom is the facility to share a recording of the class so you can build up an archive of lessons to explore whenever you wish.

FaceBook: Feldenkrais & Embodied Voice, HumanSong––Self-Expression & Performance

Your Potent Inner Voice

Sensory Self-Awareness for Self-Healing

Wednesday Evenings

7 – 8.30 pm*  BST / 2 – 3.30 pm EDT

Online + Recording £15 – or any donation welcome

These extended evening classes focus on my Feldenkrais-based self-healing strategies, and the recordings are intended to make it very easy for you to develop these skills for yourself. I am exploring the evening format with the intention of supporting better sleep as well as pain relief and self-calming. I do realise that those of you joining us for elsewhere at different times of day may not be looking for such a soporific experience!

*NOTE NEW SHORTER TIME: I am aware that two hours was a long class, and have decided to shorten it to 90 minutes. Please note that you can STILL choose to join us for the first hour only, particularly if that would make joining the class regularly more manageable for you. 

I am teaching a second in-depth Summer School in August

This Summer School is longer than my usual daily courses – there will be two sessions over three hours each day, with a shortish break, and time for discussion, so we can explore the material more deeply, and these sessions are also later than usual 3-6pm BST/ 10-1pm EDT – so as to allow more of you in the USA to join us at a slightly more civilised hour than previously possible.

PLEASE NOTE that numbers will be limited, as I prefer that we can all be on one screen throughout these courses. This means that there are a set number of live attendee places, plus a more flexible number of ‘recording-only’ places available.

If you wish to attend live I recommend you book as soon as possible. There is no pressure for you to pay a long way in advance, however your place will not be considered to be confirmed until you have paid for your spot on the Zoom screen. I am very happy to ‘pencil’ you in for a live slot, and warn you if those spaces are beginning to book up.

Ease, Lightness, & Grace

Self-Awareness, Self-Development, & Self-Integration The Feldenkrais Way

…a 10-day ‘deep-dive’ into the self-development themes we have been exploring on Zoom over the last two years

August 15 – 19th,  &  22nd – 26th 

3 – 6pm BST/ 10 – 1pm EDT

£300 (full fee) – £200 is the early bird fee AND the low income discount fee

This course is for everyone with an interest in what Feldenkrais has to offer.

This Method is so comprehensive that mastering these strategies for LEARNING HOW TO LEARN will benefit ANY person who has any desire to expand their own capacity for continuous self-improvement and self-development, offering anyone who commits to the process the possibility of living life more fully…

It will include in-depth explorations of… 

Our multiple sensory systems

The better coordination of our diaphragms and sphincters

…and – of course – the fundamentals of human motion: circles, spirals, undulations, rolls, wriggles, and bounces

Together we will explore in depth the Awareness Through Movement strategies that can embed ‘learning how to learn’ as a practical and readily available tool for continually improving the way we experience our everyday occupations, activities and behaviours!

Feldenkrais Fundamentals

Mobilise, Sensitise,

& Energise Your Hands

Sunday July 31st Online + Recordings & Notes

2 pm – 5 pm BST  [9 am – 12 pm EDT]

£35 (suggested fee, or any donation welcome)

In this workshop we will…

Mobilise Our Hands
…by exploring ways to integrate the whole shoulder girdle into the skeleton in motion 

Sensitise Our Hands
…boosting sensory awareness by fine-tuning the way we use touch

Energise our hands
…using awareness practices adapted from Qi Gong forms

Many of you only know about me because we are in the early stages of a brave new world of online interpersonal connection. As we converse with each other from within our individual Zoom frames, we may notice that some people naturally accompany their speech with eloquent and expressive hand gestures, and that this seems to indicate a sense of ease in other aspects of their self-expression. I have always found hands rather lovely to look at, and online I can find myself a little bewitched, absorbed by a speaker’s hands moving with fluid grace as they illustrate some aspect of the conversation “at hand” with clarity and precision.

We Feldenkrais teachers are trained to use touch in order to teach self-awareness. We learn to communicate directly with the person lying on our table, skeleton to skeleton, fascia to fascia, nervous system to nervous system, intelligence to intelligence. Our ability to do this well is dependent on the sensitivity, awareness, and the fully-embodied integration of our hands (just as it is of course for all those those who work with touch to bring physical relief and greater well-being to their clients). 

Our hands are vital to our experience of being human in so many ways it would be absurd to attempt any sort of list here. 

This workshop is for absolutely everybody! I sometimes want to say something about this workshop being for ‘anyone who works with their hands’, but that is pretty much all of us – even tap dancers need to lace up their shoes first!

More dates for your diary in September will appear here very soon…

Daily Immersive – Date & Theme TBA

Fundamentals – Sunday – Date & Theme TBA

Potent Voice – Sunday – Date & Theme TBA

…All online sessions include recordings and notes. For more details click here for workshops, and here for regular classes

Individual Vocal Training Sessions

Rather than lower my standard rate for one-to-one sessions online, which is £70 for a 75 minute session, I am offering one-to-one online sessions as “suggested fee or donation”, for the time being. The extra time is necessary for discussion and feedback. I can accept payments via BACS, and, if that is inconvenient for any reason, PayPal.

Functional Self-Integration Lessons

I am still exploring ways to share my self-healing Quintessensual Consciousness practice. While this is still in the development stage I am offering a special rate of £40* for individual online sessions. This is a version of Feldenkrais focussed on pain and stress relief.

There are more details on my Home page, and several articles about it in the Writing area of my website. Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss with me whether this form of meditative training might be of help to you.

*Suggested-fee-or-donation rate applies.

Many years ago I recorded a short lesson about breathing – here is a link to this lesson in the archive on the Feldenkrais UK Guild website – enjoy!

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