Moving with Awareness & Integration…

Deep Core Awareness*

Upcoming Daily Immersive Course

Integrating Your True Centre

November 6th – 10th

Online + Recordings & Notes

2–3.30pm GMT  ~  9–10.30am EST  ~  6–7.30am PST
Please note we start one hour earlier on Tuesday

£90 (suggested fee, or any donation welcome)

In this daily class I am expanding the Feldenkrais approach to core resilience to embrace a more energy-focussed theme. Dynamic core vitality means…

The muscles of your torso are working in natural synergy

Your breathing is full, responsive and effective

You balance with ease whatever is going on under your feet

You can sit comfortably for longer periods

Walking is light and fluid, your legs and head weigh less, and you walk with the ease of a dancer

Your movements are effortlessly graceful and agile

The vital nerve centres along your spine are better aligned, increasing your sense of self-integration and vitality

– all of which brings you closer to a sense of yourself as vibrant and energised, with a voice that is richly resonant…

About this course…

It is pleasing to realise that graceful movement comes from an agile torso and an awakened spine. We maintain our upright posture most easily in our planet’s gravity field not by making ourselves more solid and resistant, but by being more responsive and flexible. 

In Japan, where the Earth’s surface is particularly unreliable, early architectural engineers discovered the way to keep buildings from falling down every time there was an earthquake was to design them to be unstable – it is amazing to watch these structures withstanding earthquakes, not because they are rigid and sturdy, but because of their flexibility and their built-in response to change – truly dynamic stability in action. 

Imagine how the “core skeleton” of each skyscraper shifts as their internal design features accommodate to the moving ground encasing their foundations. We make similar complex adjustments throughout our whole selves to keep to our feet on a moving bus or maintain our balance walking on a stoney beach – fortunately a fully mobile and aligned spine activates your anti-gravity musculo-fascial structures in the most efficient sequence every time – enabling we bipedal primates to move in a fluid and graceful manner in any situation and over any terrain.

More details…

Bio-mechanically this dynamic alignment can be experienced as a lively, responsive interaction between your skeleton, your deepest core muscle systems, and the sensory-fascial web that contains, interconnects, and enlivens your bodily sense of self. 

Emotionally we become more aware of – and more at ease with – the feelings that bubble up from inside, and thus much more able to allow ourselves to just be in the moment, even when experiencing intense sensations. 

Dynamic Equilibrium In Motion… – ©Belinda Fewings (Unsplash)

Awareness Through Movement allows you to progressively unravel everything you are doing that controls your feelings, and blocks the flow of energy, vitality and pleasure that we could all experience with ease as very young children – although it is important to recognise that, for some of us, this flow had already been stemmed by our experience of our mother’s stresses while we were still in the womb. 

This lesson series is designed to begin the very deep releasing processes from our core musculature that allow us all to regain the ability to experience fully the joy of being alive.

This will be a very practical course and you will receive notes and supporting materials to help you maintain the improvements you experience from this immersive Awareness Through Movement experience.

You will need to book with me directly to get the Zoom link, and a recorded version of the lesson is included in the fee. Bookings are by email and my contact details are here.

*I teach variations on this workshop at regular intervals, so click here for my current workshop schedule. You can contact me directly if you would like to register your interest in this workshop, or you can join my mailing list for regular updates…

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