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I have been planning a series of videos to share on YouTube, and have begun the process with a 2-part Awareness Through Movement lesson on breathing for well-being.

Potent Breath#1

This introduces my approach to breath-play, and is designed to support natural, healthy “nasal” breathing. I also cover other subjects that are the foundation of both my Feldenkrais teaching and my Potent Voice teaching, including Tidal Flow, Breathing Into The Hara, and finishing with a brief introduction to Overtone chanting.

I touch on the effect of extending the out-breath and listening to ourselves with attention and awareness – behaviour that is natural with any form of singing practice – as a way to shift ourselves into our naturally therapeutic parasympathetic rest-and-recuperate mode:

Tackling the unattractive ‘thumbnail’ images YouTube chooses for me is on the list!

Potent Breath#2

In the second video I begin with a quick recap and then go into Seesaw Breathing – somewhat of a Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classic, and indeed this lesson is featured in Moshe’s early book of the same name, although, as I have been teaching it now for 31 years, if you have experienced this lesson taught by other Feldenkrais teachers you may well detect some of my personal handwriting in the mix…

As so much of my teaching practice is involved with voice and performance I have written several articles about breath-play already. I am listing some of them here…

Breathing Articles – a selection…

Earlier this year, to explain my expanding my teaching into more Qi related processes, I wrote Energise Your Breathing & Discover Your Potent Self.

I was nosing about in an archive of early Awareness Through Movement lessons when I rediscovered a theme I had not yet fully integrated into my teaching and was excited to realise how powerful it was for improving the organisation and posture of the spine and neck from the inside out: Breath Fully & Realign Your Spine.

Finishing with a more general article – now I am hanging out with the Biotensegrity crowd I will probably update this very soon: Breathing–Anatomy & Function.

I will post more on my dedicated YouTube playlist as regularly as I can – do check it out when you have time

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