Feldenkrais: Enhancing Your Sensory Awareness

A human being is a complex system and any attempt to encapsulate our multi-faceted nature inevitably risks oversimplification. Similarly, Feldenkrais is a complex method, and naturally “Feldenkrais: Enhancing Your Sensory Awareness”

Qi-Essensuality – Feldenkrais for Fine-Tuning Your Senses

Qi–Essensuality Enhancing & Fine-Tuning All Your Senses Next Date to be announced In this course we will be using the Feldenkrais Method to enhance our awareness of all our “Qi-Essensuality – Feldenkrais for Fine-Tuning Your Senses”

Listening & Hearing: Picking Up Good Vibrations

In my mission to discover the full potential of sound-making, singing, and the human voice, it has become more and more clear over the years that the ability to maximise our hearing by improving the way we listen is a vital element of both the tonal qualities available to us when we vocalise, and the ease with which we produce our voice in speech and song.